We can supply rods and reels however, due to the high cost of wear and tear on these items we will now charge a usage fee of $20/day per person should you wish to take up this option.

Fishing tackle, i.e. lures, metals, plastics etc are also available for use at no cost except where loss or damage occurs. These will be charged out at current retail prices for Cape York.

Fishing Lures

We use many different types, most are fine but they must have an action, strong hardware and of course need to be placed in the strike zone.

Some fishing lure favourites: Killalure Flatz Rats II ( 10ft bib ), Gold bomber, barra mauler, barra classic etc etc.

Metals: 40g fine for jigging and casting, Raiders/bumpa bars, Halco twisters etc still need an action to work best.

Deep divers: RMG scorpions, mackerel maulers, Laser pro etc etc there are millions.

Poppers: We find smiling jacks perfect but again there are many brands and types remember you will be casting for long periods at times so need something not too taxing on the arms

Plastics: The Squidgies range are very good / Snapback paddle tail, Zman  white etc but you need a decent jig head 3/8g with strength in the hook (you are not catching whiting) Plastics are still great fun and a very productive way to fish. You need to slow down your retrieve and let them sink a little, this is where most strikes occur. There are many different ways to use plastics with most requiring a slow retrieve, give it a go you’ll love it.

I am happy to discuss any of the above with you to try to make your time with us even more enjoyable.