Can you bring alcohol on board and what food is available?

It is preferred not to bring alcohol on board. We provide morning tea/coffee, water on day trips with lunches being provided on extended charters.

How many people can come on your boat?

We have two boats with a maximum of four guests per boat.

How do we pay you and accommodation?

Fishing. Normally you have paid a deposit earlier, then it is preferred to pay the balance of the trip before you arrive. Either by direct debit, credit card or cash.

Accommodation. They require a credit card to secure the booking then they will charge the card upon your arrival.

How do I get to my accommodation

We will pick you up from either the Bamaga airport or from the Seisia jetty and take you to your accommodation.

What to bring on fishing days

Hat, clothing to suit the tropics ie. Long sleeves, long pants. Sunscreen, sunglasses ( Polaroid if possible) insect repellent, water, camera and a smile.

can we keep the fish we catch

we are a catch and release business however, we allow you to take enough fish for your dinner. But not bag limits , it’s all about looking after the fishery

How old do my children have to be to come out on the boat with you

There is no age limit however, common sense prevails together with individuals and parental supervision . We can organise a trip/day to suit .

Will I get sea sick

Generally the answer is no, as we are not in the ocean rather in protected water ways but if you suffer from this probably better to take the necessary medication.

Allergies/ medications

Please advise us prior to coming on board if you have any relevant allergies or need medication that may affect our time on the water, for your and other passengers safety