Report - 2012

Latest Report October –December 2012

Early October saw the return of Eric Wood with friends Nev & Mike. We start off in the Jacky Jacky with a quietish day, with Barra to 63cm, fingermark, queenfish and GT, a couple of cod, 3 sand bass and sweetlip.

Next we start to do a little better with 12 barra, several fingermark, fun Queenfish and GT’s, 10 mackerel, Tarpon, Grunter, Cod etc. Then out to the Islands with more mackerel, rosy Jobfish, the usual GT & Queenies.( with Nev getting a good queenfish in particular ) Then we had a good afternoon with 19 Barra to 73cm with one big girl (1m) dropped, great site though. The Salmon were good fun one to 75cm and also half a dozen good Tarpon to finish, a good day.

Next day 12 fingermark, 2 Jack, 7 coral trout, 5 cod 5 Cuda, 14Gt & gold spot trevally, 6 queenfish, 10 mackerel and 5 stripy’s a very entertaining day.With Mike supplying dinner, a good trout and a Jack .

Thanks fella’s always enjoy your company see you all again in 2013.

Next up newcomers Mike Doughty and Ian McPherson arrive to do battle. The river was quiet first up but the blue supplied some very good action with Tuna (both boys could not get over the speed of the longtails heh Macca!!!), Mackerel, Queenfish and GT’s together with a session on Salmon to finish a good start.

Next day was a good one from the start with 80 odd fish coming in. 2 spanish mackerel, 8 coral trout, we got some very nice specimens in the estuary, Stripy’s, Cod, Moses perch, Sweetlip, Nannigai, Cuda, Barra, 18 fingermark, 20 plus Queenies & GT everybody was happy. Then it was time to again try the river and yes this was better, what a difference a day makes, we land 18 barra drop another 15 odd, get some great fingermark,have a really good fun session on GT’s and queenies and also score two more mackerel. Ian gets known as “Harry Highstick” & “Harry long range release” you work it out.

Then came our best day for barra to date with 61 fish in the boat and as many not, with Mike getting a cracker. Both Mike & macca were all smiles this was fantastic fun. It was just a matter of getting that lure into the right spot, twitch and bang, great visual’s.

Last day we decided to change coastlines ( it was hard decision after yesterday ) but while we only got 5 barra, we had a great time with 12 different species and plenty of entertainment, a job well done boys we had many a laugh and a “ooo- Ahhh” We could not wipe the smile off Macca’s face.    Look forward to seeing you both back again this year, thanks fella’s.

Late October see’s the brothers Caruso arrive with Tony, Jason & Matt all pretty handy with rod & reel. We start off with a half day and it puts the pressure on me from the start as we get 14 barra ,7 Queenfish GT’s etc. a good start. Next day 30Kts SE but we press on, 3 barra to 83cm, 20 odd Queenies and GT each with 1 m  fish included, 5 mackerel, some Tarpon and cod turns out a very good day. Then we change coasts still have strong winds but persevere But it’s a day of missed opportunities with some big barra jumped off, we still manage to get 12 in but the ones we lost were very good fish indeed., also Matt lands a cracker Mangrove Jack released to fight another day.

We go to the middle river area in Jacky Jacky and have an entertaining day with 7 more barra and again some very big fish released a little too early for our liking !! We also have some terrific fun good size fingermark and Coral trout in the estuary together with sweetlip ,Parrot, Cod and GT’s.

Unfortunately Tony has to go home a day early because we are about to have another Barra day from Heaven, Matt & Jason land 61 Barra to 85cm, which equals the previous best day, but these were all a bit larger than the other record day but we witness some magic sights with fantastic, jumps, screaming runs, visual hit & misses and heart stopping moments. Even yours truly could not help himself, a great day.

Well done gentlemen you fished very well, I enjoyed all your company, until next time, take care.

Early November and the return of Adam Callinan’s group, with Peter (PJ), Steve (Mr. Wilson), John, Jimmy & Jason. We are about to have a very enjoyable week. Day one see’s both boats getting good catches of Barra, fingermark, GT,Cod, Mackerel. Day two more barra and fingermark a couple of beauty’s included, Coral trout, Nannigai, Sweetlip, Parrot, Cod a couple of Archer fish etc another good day.

Then came the first of several days with big Spaniard’s everywhere. These fish while exciting are at times just plain bloody dangerous, as they jump up to six metres out of the water just while feeding let alone being hooked. We caught fish to about 50lbs ( 25KG ) and ducked and weaved to miss them at times, with a couple caught on video just missing out on coming in ( as a free jump ). During this time some of the shark action was also both exciting and scary.

Everybody gets into the barra over the period with some 150 odd coming in to 80 plus cm, some excellent catches of fingermark, big queenies, some 1m GT’s, good size golden’s, many fun GT and queenies as well, Cod some lure snatchers, Jewfish and many other species. We had a great time with lots of memories to take home, PJ trying to hold on to several big fish with his mates holding on to him, Jimmy getting barra after barra, Adam also having his best session, Jason with another big Mackerel, Mr Wilson’s presence and competitiveness at times quite funny and all along quiet John going about his business. Rusty & I really enjoyed all your company and look forward to another week of laughter, grunting, the odd naughty word and some good fish, On Ya team Callinan.

Late November, see's the return of Charlie Zarb, together with Andrew, Mario, Bruce, John & Sean. Half day to start produce Barra, Trevally, Mackerel & queenfish. While we were casting to a bait ball for queenfish on a small metal, “ BANG”  a rather large GT of 50lb plus decides he will have it and away we go after a long haul poor Andrew decides to hand over to Bruce only to have it bust off at the boat a short time later, bad luck lads.

Then next day out to the Islands with good catches of good queenfish to 14lb, gold spot trevally to 12lb , Mackerel, Trout, big cod, Nannigai then to go into the estuary where we got some nice barra to 68cm,Grunter and some very good fingermark, with Bruce getting a cracker at 10 -12lb.

Over the next couple of days while one boat did it tough at times we still manage to get 32 barra, more fingermark, Mackerel to 30lb, some good size queenies, Cod, an assortment of sharks, Trout , sweetlip, parrot, more Nannigai Bream, even some flathead and of course lots of fun size queenies and GT’s.

Thank you gentlemen for yet another trip take care and I look forward to 2014

Geoff Humby and crew had a couple of days with us, in between laughter we had some very enjoyable fishing as well, some good barra heh Richard, Bill always an entertainer got some nice grunter & cod and Geoff the quiet achiever got his barra along with many other species.

Thank you lads I again look forward to our trips in 2013’

Mid December saw some excellent catches of Barra with 18, 17 and 24 on three consecutive days this together with the usual fingermark grunter, cod, Jack, queenie & GT fun sessions made for a great  fishing, a trip for some 4wd touring campers that they will never forget. It’s a shame as most people believe the fishing season is over due to the wet season about mid December onwards.  December and even up to mid January can provide some excellent  fishing and is also a time when we often have very little winds ( dead calm )

Late December see’s Arthur and Morva Wong together with Simone and myself have a day out, not  too bad at all,  We got 14 Barra to 65cm with some better fish dropped with the Wong’s losing their Barra virginity, while casting lures very good folks. We caught fingermark, cod (one which dam near pulled Morva out of the boat) Bream, trevally queenfish and while getting some live bait we got a big muddie Yummmmmmm. Thank you team Wong/Sousa a good fun day.

Last charter saw Matteo Bruno and mate Steve Roux, arrive on 4th January to fish a few days. We had a great time

We fished both coastlines for 22 Barra, several fingermark, heaps and heaps of fun queenies and trevally with the odd large one in there. We hooked but could not hold some tuna and maybe mackerel due to the fact the boys are sportfisho’s and were just tooooooo lite, there were times when their little rods to 3kg were almost tied in knots while fighting fish,  but we changed to a little stronger tackle and we were away.

We had a very enjoyable session on salmon of about 25 fish great fun, got some Tarpon, line breaking  cod, a couple of very nice Golden trevally and a session on  spotty mackerel which we could have stayed on forever and then finished off with some good queenfish on poppers and 7 barra casting lures and plastics.

Really had a good time boys thanks very much and I look forward to when you next return.

Finally had a few days with Cape York bird week taking people out to some Islands to view different bird species also terrific , “natures pretty nice if you take the time to look “

Another good year ends and we look towards 2013, CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

Thank you all & take care everybody.



Report July – September 2012

First up I have the return of Mark Todman for a couple of days ( it’s his 140th birthday ) we have a good time off the moon with some barra queenies, GT’s, cod and tarpon. I remember we had very low water and were playing with some fish on top of a rock bar when Mark decides to bring out this tiny popper fizz tail thingy and POW so yours truly says I think I should do that as well, great fun with Barra and Tarpon (don’t know how they could swim in that little of water.

Next we have Glen, and son’s Jon & Dave (alias popper Jon) Wright back with us and also first timers from the USA Charlie & Marianna Plott. First day and we get some nice barra to 70cm well done Marianna, some good Jacks & Fingermark (well done team Wright ), Cod, GT, Queenies a couple of sand Bass and some nannigai, good start.

Next day some nice size queenfish, Tarpon, more barra to 70cm, grunter and then some fun with Charlie casting out his popper finally gets a strike that while solid was not to big (famous last words) he then watches his line being stripped off his reel at a great speed. He then gains some control and we start to have a bit of a win, 20 minutes later we land a GT of 70lb (His biggest to date). They continued to have some fun in the next few days with different species and also a session or two on plastic frogs which was something. Meanwhile Glen, Dave and Jon continued with some good catches of Barra 19, 3 and then on the final day 30 great fun. Also we managed to have some crazy sessions on tuna and large queenfish with Glen getting a cracker, those bloody sharks always not far behind though. I also remember a smile or two when we were into the Salmon and Tarpon.
Thanks you all folks we enjoyed your company and hope to see you all again.

Late July sees the return of Alex Bowen with mates Mike, Terry & Bruce. The boys are stiring up Alex with threats of TB everywhere and now airborne, all total lies of course but Alex not too sure. Over the next few days we have some fun as you would expect, also with good catches of barra F/Mark, cod,GT’s,Queenies,Salmon a couple of Jew etc. One boat had a couple of slower days. But we continued to catch Tuna, some large queenfish, good fun size GT, more Salmon and Barra etc, then one boat decided to go crabbing with some coming in but mainly Jenny’s while the other decided to push on and we had a good day with 27 barra, 8 big queenfish, GT, Cod, Groper, Tuna. Last two days we caught 14 barra more Longtail Tuna, Some nice fingermark, good size queenfish, Fun GT’s, Tarpon, Salmon, Cod and a golden trevally.

Thanks very much fella’s I enjoyed all your company and I know there were some quiet patches for some of you but all in all we had a good time and caught some nice fish.

Early August see’s the return of Mark Todman, Neil & Joe; we start off with a steady day with Barra, cod, GT, queenfish, &Fingermark. Over the next six days we catch approximately 480 fish not too bad at all. Including Barra to 84cm, Tuna to 30lb, good queenfish to 1m heaps of quality Salmon, plenty of fun GT & Queenies, one day we stopped at 100 and moved on to something else, Great fun, together with some very good cod, a couple of silly sessions on Tarpon and some nice fingermark to name but a few.

As always gents very much enjoy your company, thank you again.

Mid August and we have Darryl McKie returning with friends Pim & Glen. Over the next few days we have a lot of fun with good catches of many species including Barra, cod, Beaut fingermark, Salmon with one in particular a cracker, M/Jack, 100mph Tuna ( heh boy’s ), Many GT & queenfish,Tarpon, Saratoga, Bream, Jewfish, Nannigai, and even Archer fish & flathead. We certainly had a lot of laughs and funny things happen with Pim & Glen being first timers to this style of fishing and of course the very experienced Darryl keeping calm with everything ummmmmm.
Thanks lads had a great time.

At the same time we had Graham & Judy Houston join us for a few days with catches of Barra 70cm, Nannigai, GT’s, Queenies, Cod, Mackerel, some nice fingermark,a sand bass and even some moses perch.

Graham also wanted to have a go on fly with some different species available, trevally, queenies and Tuna we had success but lost 3 Tuna on fly, they are very very quick, with line racing out at great speed. Next time mate. Thank you both for your company very much enjoyed.

End of August saw the Variety bash arrive with 300 people here to have some fun and I got stuck with Warren Smith and the Saint Mary’s football team entry, very funny men indeed we had a very enjoyable day and laughed tooooo much, and still managed to catch some nice fish being barra ,cod, GT’s queenies Salmon, bream and a very worrying session on Tuna where we thought Warren &  Mike were about to exit this life with all the grunting and heavy breathing going on, thank god all was good in the end and mouth to mouth was not needed. Thanks gentlemen for a terrific day on the water and also for what you do for charity.

Early September see’s the return of Gary Hugget, Ardy & Alby (the boys from Jindabine) we start off with 5 barra, fingermark, grunter cod queenies & GT’s. Then over the next few days we enjoy some good catches of barra, good fingermark and Jack (especially our new spot we found, a good creek)

The queenfish got bigger with 1m’s coming in regularly, plenty of fun GT’s, good salmon, sand bass, sweetlip, cod, bream, and a cracker coral trout which we thought should go on the table, yummmmm !! The next was a blue water day, with 20 odd Tuna both mac & Northern blue, 15 large queenfish, 25plus GT, and about 5 mackerel one about 40lb lost next to the boat, a good day indeed. We had the same old fun over the next few days with some very nice barra being sportingly released a little before we would have liked them to be, Jack’s and fingermark continued. This year for the first time Gary “DID NOT “ get a hook in him amazing, but while getting the lure out of a large queenfish managed to get his shoe well and truly hooked with fish still attached, so it had to come off for the photo, very close mate and he did manage to break a rod as well.

Thanks again boys another good trip with lots of laughs and enjoyment.

Simon Orlowski and Peter from Tassie arrive to do battle, Simon on fly, Pete on anything, first day provided Mac Tuna and Northern blue, mackerel, queenfish, salmon, and different trevally. Over the next few days we had some fun with many different species, barra to 78cm, more tuna to 12kg with some great wins against the sharks, but not always though heh Pete, I don’t think you ever get used to seeing nature at work close up and personal !!!!!, Quality Fingermark, cod, nannigai, Tarpon, Saratoga, even a flathead again lots of fun GT & queenies and mangrove Jack with Simon getting his first F/Mark, Jack, Nannigai, Golden Trev and others on fly. The winds made things a little difficult at times but they fished very well.

The Barra continued with the fly doing very well in one river in particular, remember Simon, we couldn’t get a line in just kept taking your fish off, mean while Peter just continued to notch up species after species. We had a good trip it was a pleasure gentlemen to have you both on board and I look forward to next we meet. Thank you.

Late September saw Geoff Humby, Dave (the old sarg) mad Bill and Paul spend some time with us. We did have a good time with Barra for all , cod, GT, queenies, mackerel, Bream, Grunter, and even a couple of sharks. A good day thanks lads.

Final day for September saw Jay with sons Cam & Jack together with Grand dad Keith. The day started off with Tuna madness, with both Jay and Keith holding on for dear life. Then some barra’s for the boys, a nice golden trevally, 20 plus GT’s, 15 odd queenies and about 6 good Salmon a very enjoyable day thank you everyone.

Next report October to December 2012 about mid January Watch out for some very special days with barra in particular in the next report.

Thank you all for another great quarter of fun and madness.

Report March – June 2012

Season starts off in mid March with John Loebenstein and Friends from the USA Des and Kate, spending three days with us. Unfortunately the weather was at its worst for them with N/W winds and plenty of rain and made things very uncomfortable and also made the fishing difficult.

We did have some fun with some blue Salmon, Cod, small GT’s and Queenies. We managed to hook up three barra but could not get them to the boat. John got some nice Fingermark for dinner though. Enjoyed your company in what was very difficult conditions.

One week later Simon and Nick Tritton arrive to what was a great week of fishing (sorry John, Des & Kate). First up we get 9 barra, 4 cod some very good queenfish, lots of little GT;s, Sand bass and Simon while casting to a snag for barra managed to foul hook a small crocodile of about 1m we had some fun getting our lure back. We continued to do well the next day with 12 barra to 70cm (nice one Nick) good fingermark, cod, Jack’s etc. Then some big queenies and great Salmon heaps of fun GT’s & queenies.

Over the next few days more barra but the blue water with big queenies of 1m + together with a GT of 40lb buy Simon then only to be out done buy dad (Nick) with a 60lb great fish. We had plenty of fun with the Tuna with Simon also getting some on fly this together with giant Herring, golden trevally, Saratoga, Tarpon made for a very good entertainment. While we were fishing in the estuary we saw something cruising along the bank it appears to be about 1.8m in length, it’s a shark? no, it’s a croc ? No, we cast at anyway with our little lures Why!!! Because we can, well we jag it in the middle of the back and we’re on, yeah right!! We have hooked on to a black Jewfish of approx 100lb plus and he doesn’t even know it he just kept on cruising along about 100m later all we get back is a monster scale WOW. We had a great week thanks fella’s enjoyed it.

Next up see’s the return of Mike Guppy with friends John and Graham, mad Fly fishermen. We also have a very enjoyable week with plenty of queenfish, GT’s, Barra, Salmon, Cod, Tarpon, Golden & Diamond Trevally, Giant Herring and some good Saratoga. Mike getting a very big queenie off the beach and all the boys getting very nice Saratoga in the fresh, with one in particular smashing a homemade popper fly. Also at the same time we have John, Steve, Simon and Peter McCormick here with day one a little tough with Cod Queenies and GT’s but then we managed to get some barra’s, good tarpon, some very good queenies, Simon with a nice 10lb GT and plenty of fun queenies and GT’s.

We continue to have some fun with both groups over the next few days, then on the last day while a storm came through and didn’t miss us we then had some fun with the young boys Simon and Peter getting into some big queenfish and then Pete getting smashed on his popper and after 20 minutes or so of heart pumping excitement while playing it extremely well lands a great GT of 55lb’s well done mate. Thanks to all hope to see you again.

Late April and Dave and Clive Steirn arrive for their first trip with us and at the same time we see the return of Mike and Victoria Cybulski with mate Richard. Well both groups get into it, with good catches of Barra to 72cm, quality fingermark, cod, a great session on Blue Salmon etc. Then we have a day with 29 Barra some great fun with good Tarpon, Big Queenfish & Cod, giant Herring, Jack fun GT’s. We continue to get good Barra ( Dave to 83cm ) with Tuna now giving us curry and unbelievable runs at incredible speed ( heh Clive ). Queenfish of 1m plus are coming in (Richard getting worried he had not got one BUT he “DID”) and Big GT’s are being hooked with some lost but also landed. Victoria’s GT of 50lb was a standout, well done Vic.

We will have some good memories here thanks one and all. Look forward to next time.

My old mate Mitch O’Mara returns with friends Geoff and Bill but with him he brings some weather with a couple of rainy days “BUT” we continue and all is good. Geoff and Bill loose their virginity (Barra that is ) early in the trip, with good fingermark & Jack, also some good cod these fish are so under rated as not only a fighter but also on the table.

They get into some very good Queenfish with a couple of absolute crackers of 1.15m. Also a couple of big GT’s we could not hold gee these fish are powerful!! Then while having a cuppa we are distracted buy a great strike and many jumps of a 90+cm Barra ( bloody fish spilt my Tea )  

We have a stupid day of 43 Barra ( with 15 odd lost as well ) some large cod and QLD groper, the usual GT;s and queenies, Tarpon, giant Herring and many more.

Always great to have you up here take care see you soon.

Then had a couple of days with Russell Townsend and did some video work for future editing. Well not too bad at all. Plenty of footage with 52 Barra heaps of good cod, Tarpon in the day and a half. GREAT FUN thanks Russ.

Late May early June saw my old friends from Redlands earth moving Pete & Jenny Spencer,Val and Colin ( alias Graham ) arrive together with Bruce and Steve Jones, Jason and Brendon. We get off to a good start with both boats doing well 5 & 6 barra’s each, some good fingermark, cod, GT’s but the session on the Salmon was special with 30 plus for one boat and some quality ones for the other.

Over the next few days we have some great catches of Barra, with single boat catches of 20, 44 & 36 buy the groups, some excellent big queenies, crazy Tuna moments, Gt’s to 30lb (well done Pete) We had some very funny times with the four boys who fished well but enjoyed a laugh or two as well with Jason in particular doing well and of course Brendon with his controlled mannerism’s sorry mate.. Jenny caught everything Pete was busy just taking her fish off the lure, got a smile and some excitement out of Colin (AKA Graham) when he got his Tuna. Thank you all very much enjoyed the time spent with you.

Early June saw John Tully and Steve Hamilton mad cotton farmers from NSW arrive. They had a great time. Good catches of Barra, fingermark, Jack, big cod, plenty of fun GT’s & Queenies. Then a day of big fingermark and some excellent coral trout together with several grey mackerel. John getting a very nice barra of 82cm and many more fingermark.

Then we had Tuna madness with both getting good catches of Longtail’s and big Queenfish. One day we got 32 barra, 12 Salmon ( quality fish these go like the ……?. )Big Queenfish and then Steve locks on to a big GT after a fight of 25min we land a 71lb monster great job mate. Last day again very entertaining however, the old grey coats had their day and unfortunately took some good fish we decided it best to give it away for the betterment of the fish. A great trip boys thanks very much see you next year.

Mid June saw Jean Philippe Lefort ( from Paris ) arrive a keen Fly fisherman something he does very well. I fished with Jean in the Amazon a couple of years ago. Over the week he caught 30 plus species on fly including Barra ( one very large one jumped off ) GT’s, 1m Queenfish, Tuna, Salmon, Tarpon, Cod, Groper, Mackerel, Fingermark, Jack, Giant Herring, Golden Trevally, good Diamond Trevors, Bream, Archerfish to name a few. I think he had a very good time with us and was very busy every day, thanks again and well done mate until next time.

Late June see’s the return of John and Richard ( From USA ) Baldwin ( also mad fly fisherman ) and the return of Arthur Ford from Tassie. Another great week is about to happen. Plenty of species caught with quality Queenfish to 1m, good barra 30 one day alone, screaming Salmon runs a fantastic session on fly, Herring, heaps of fun GT’s & queenies. While Richard is not a 100% fly ( unlike his dad John ) we tried to get him a Tuna on Fly well after a few hook ups we finally manage to get one in the boat, great job !!!! Then John who says he only wants to catch small fish can’t be out done buy the son says alright and “BANG” he’s on and he also gets one in the boat albeit he needed a rest after that. We had two or three really good days in the Jacky Jacky ( to John’s surprise ) Meanwhile Arthur in the other boat who is a very experienced fisherman just keeps casting away for barra, fingermark 18 one day, Jack, Golden Trevors, cod, Grunters etc., Arthur only users his baitcaster for everything so when in the blue out it goes and in come Tuna, Queenies, Trevally etc.

Really enjoyed this week gent’s thank you all until next year take care.

Well a good start to 2012 with some excellent catches thanks everybody next report will be about October.

Take care