Report - 2011

Latest Report October - December 2011

Well we start off with Denis & Diane Thompson for a couple of days and have some fun with Barra F/mark, Jack to 48cm, cod, queenfish and some bream. Then to get some Tuna and Spanish mackerel together with some very nice barra and a couple of big cod to boot we had a good time. Thanks you two enjoyed your company and hope to see you again.

Jason Churchill and dad (Don) return for a very good time and start off with 5 barra, 7 nice fingermark, cod, queenies, a stack of nannagai, and sweetlip a good start, but the next day produces a beauty in a very entertaining blue water session with good tuna both Mac & Longtails, heaps of fun Queenies and GT's and "THEN" while casting to fun queenies I see what I think is a bait ball only to realize that they were in fact 20 - 30 very big GT's just cruising around, Jason casts a metal amongst them and "BANG" we're on and away big time, after a long fight we landed a GT of approx 55 - 60lb great fish.

Then we had a session with Tarpon terrific fun and then 7 barra to 75cm and a big girl who was on the day to good for us. What a day. Over the next couple of days we were amongst good tuna to 25 - 30lb, heaps of queenies and GT fun size, sweetlip, parrot, trout, stripy's, Jack, more good barra and a nice golden trevally. The boys had a great time, I as always very much enjoy your company until next time take care.

Next up Rod Johnson and Sue had a couple of days with us with Sue being the mad crazy fisherwoman, she had a ball with good catches of barra, cod, tarpon, GT's, queenies and bream. Rod soon caught on and followed suit with some good catches himself. The blue provided some Tuna action which amazed both of them with their power and speed. We continued with further catches of barra, Nannagai and a session on big fingermark to 75cm. The blue provided more action with Mackerel, GT, Queenies and Barracuda.

Thanks for the time together enjoyed it hope to see you in the not too distant future.

Mid October saw the return of Jason and Sou Van Haaften with mates Tran and Scotty. We caught about 9 nice barra to 68cm, jack, cod, queenies and had some times with the tuna (longtail and Mac's) also some grey mackerel provided some excitement.

Then continuing on with more barra and good fingermark, bream, cod, GT's, queenfish with Scotty getting a beauty of approximately 18 - 20lb. Then we got plenty of grey mackerel to 15lb with a few Jewfish as well. Really good to see you all again, look forward to next time.

Late October early November saw Greg Lowe and friends Ian, Ray and Mark arrive. We had some issues with the weather (winds) but hung in there and managed to still get some very nice fish with the first day producing 14 barra, fun GT's and queenies, bream, cod the grey mac's where still there and a few small Jewfish as well. Next up we went to the Jacky Jacky to get out of the winds a bit, it was a "toughish" day with barra, nannagai, sweetlip, small queenies and GT's some cod, sand bass and our friend the shark, but Greg's cast and hook up of a beaut barra and fight was great to see with it finally being a very fat 85cm very healthy specimen, great to watch her swim gracefully away.

The next couple of days we persevered with the winds and managed to get Queenies to 20lb, different Trevally to 14lbs, more mackerel, trout, some nice bludger trevally, but the sharks took there share of good fish unfortunately. The estuary gave us some barra with Ray getting a nice one to 70+cm, jack, cod etc but the winds were relentless and made conditions very hard. Never the less we still caught some nice fish. I appreciated all your company and look forward to next time and a special thanks to Greg for his gifts, thanks mate.

Next up saw the return of Matt, George, PJ, Chad, Jerome and Grant. They also would have this bloody wind to contend with and yes it did make life a little tough. We started off with some nice fish different types of trevally, (GT, Golden, bludgers, yellow fins ) a 25 - 30lb Spanish mackerel and some good size queenfish. Paul, George and Matt enjoy a day with 26 barra, 4 fingermark, cod, tarpon etc all on lures with good visuals. The estuaries continue to provide some nice fish but you did have to work hard at times. Barra and jacks a couple of cracker Fingermark by George and Jerome, more Fun GT's and queenies, a golden or two, grunter, cod & bream. We had some good fun on barra (Matt in particular doing well) with the boys getting a total of 43 over the four days

Difficult conditions but still some good fish thanks fella's hope to see you again in the future.

The Bremauer's return with Ben, Bert, Ron together with Peter and Joe. We start with a good day 14 Barra to 67cm and a few really good ones lost, F/mark, cod, a blue Salmon to 70cm, Fun GT's and queenfish (one to 14lb) several mackerel a mix of spotty's, greys, and Spanish to 1m, also two cobia we had a couple of really strong runs but alas lost them, so a good start.

Day two was a mixture with one boat having the luck. Some 24 barra to 73cm, fingermark, those small but fun GT's and queenies, more cod, bream, grunter and we got into the mac's again. The wind was making it hard next day produced another mixed bag with 16 barra, queenies and some reef fish. A hard morning but a much better arvo.

Over the next few days the winds were relentless and we stayed in the estuaries but managed to still get some good fish with all the usual species, we did sneak out on the last day and got amongst some good Tuna action, Queenfish and a very good sized Tarpon. Thanks everyone it was tough at times (compared to last year) but still an enjoyable time with some good fish. Hope to see you next year.

December saw the return of Ian and Robyn Hillman and John Mason. Off we go and into some good barra action with 13 on day one together with some very nice fingermark, cod, queenfish, GT's etc. Next day and we find a snag which we had a ball with, many barra, fingermark, cod and grunter fighting to get to your lure first it was a great hour or two. We continue with more fun also with some small black jew which gave us a run for our money on light gear.

We returned to the Jacky Jacky to find another one of those snags from heaven with fish pushing each other out of the way to get to the lure first, fantastic fun, barra to 82cm, good fingermark, jack, grunter, good size GT, one big queenie, sweetlip, nannagai they just kept coming, we estimated that we caught ten species off that one snag alone. Last day out to one of the Islands weather was flat as, what a day plenty of Tuna to 25lb, Spanish mackerel to 28lb, Nannagai to 10lb, trout, stripy's and still came back to the estuary in the afternoon and got a few barra.

As always enjoyed your company and the fishing, until next year.

Final couple of days for the year in mid December with Brian and Lien Wise produced some excellent Tuna action (which was late) good size golden trevally, in dead calm conditions beautiful. Then to finish off with a great day in the estuary with 29 barra, a few fingermark, a mixture of cod, GT and queenfish was indeed a great way to finish the season.

Thank you everyone for what was indeed another good year and we look forward to 2012 and wonder what excitements nature has install for us.

Take care see you soon


Latest Report July - September 2011

Early July saw two new groups arrive Simon Spiro-Zeote with mates  Jason and Dave together with Alex Bowen, Mike and Terry.

Half day to start with for Simon and a good barra of 76cm together with bream, cod, queenfish & grunter. Then both groups are into it with fingermark to 52cm, big coral trout by Alex, sweetlip, nannagai, more barra, cod, fun GT’s & queenies. Simon, Dave and Jason then get into some big queenies, Tuna, Fun GT’s and a few good Salmon to continue with some excellent barra fishing with 17 in one session. We had some great fun with Tarpon on lite gear. More tuna both mac & longtail and Jason even decided he would land one of the many sharks approx 120kg.

Meanwhile Alex and the boys were into fingermark, Salmon, cod and fun trevors then we also had a good sessions on the barra 13 the first day then 15 the next Terry led the way early but the boys caught up to him.. We continued with catches of Tuna, GT’s, Queenies, Cod, Bream, Saratoga, etc. But then on the last day we had a cracker with 38 barra a couple of Jacks queenfish, GT and Tuna a very good finish

Very much enjoyed the trip with both groups thanks fella’s look forward to next time.

Next up is Barry Dawson and son’s Guy, Craig & Clint arriving a little off the moon the first day and a half was a bit “slowish”  with Barra, cod, GT, cuda, cod, Jack Tarpon and queenfish.

Then we started to have much better catches of Barra 22 with some nice ones, great fun in the river with Jacks, cod, Tarpon, GT & queenfish with Barry hooking one while we were all just relaxing and having a cuppa which disturbed the whole peacefulness it went all round the boat ten thousand times knocked over my cup of tea and the bickie tin, it was about 11kg (22lb) a beauty on a little plastic..

Next day into more good queenfish,  Tuna, Gold spot and golden trevally and some Mackerel  very much enjoyed my pressie ( thanks Bassa ) your company and the boys,  as it turns out Guy was a bit of a champion on the dance floor as well as a fisherman. Take care boys hope to see you again.

Jason Cherry along with dad Bob, mates Brad, Mick and Scotty and Noel (Scotty dad) arrive and  off we go into it straight away with good catches of longtail to 14kg and mac Tuna to 6kg, large queenfish, some very tasty trout, sweetlip and parrot.

We continued to get amongst the tuna and good queenfish over the next few days but also had some good sessions on the barra to 77cm well done Scotty, Mangrove jack to 50cm, stupid fun on the elusive tarpon jumping everywhere. Some mackerel, cobia, gold spot trevally and plenty of small but great fun trevally & queenies.  We change coastlines to enjoy more Barra catches, some large salmon heh Bob, good fingermark, nannagai, Jack, cod, GT & queenies and then a session on mackerel ( grey and Spanish ) great fun indeed. Noel and Bob (the two dads) were the dinner producers with delicious trout, fingermark, sweetlip and nannagai thanks boys it was great to have you all.

Had a day out with  old water ski friends from 30 year ago John & Julie Barnacle and son Chris good to catch up and a good days fishing as well with Barra virginity being lost ( we worked hard for it ) grouper, cod, jack, tarpon queenie,GT, bream etc  good to see you again take care.

Early August and trouble is about to happen  “AGAIN” My old mate Mitch O Mara together with good friends Mick “ Vossy”,  Brendon, Mad Rod and newcomers Brad & Nev  arrive, let the games begin !!!!! Started a little quiet but did not take long to get a bit silly, Barra, cod, F/Mark, Jack, queenfish then came the day of losses with big barra, big fingermark, big cod and something indescribable getting the better of us while we caught some good fish that day we lost some great fish but all good we saw some of them to boot.

Then into the Tuna, big queenfish again together with some great salmon on what was a windy day. Good effort here. The next couple of days saw us into Barra with Rod in particular having a purple patch, F/Mark the odd jack, more queenfish and GT’s, some excellent salmon and we had a little lay day come relax day with a trip to the tip, Punsand for lunch and a visit to my mate Jason at Roko Pearl farm where along the way we caught a couple of good coral trout for dinner just awful… not.

To see the difference in the casting over the last trip or two is remarkable so well done boys look forward to next year.

Mid August saw Michael Wicks, Dan (Andrew Symons look alike) and the twins arrive. They love the blue water so out they go for a very good start with Spanish mackerel to 35lb, Craig’s GT to 30lb they boated several Tuna as well, then the sharks arrive to spoil the fun with several big mac and an even bigger GT lost. Day two was hard in the estuary then back into it with several good mackerel, large queenfish, heaps of tuna both longtail and Mac tuna caught and a very nice coral trout thank you Michael..

We had a session where the Mackerel mainly grey’s to about the1m  were everywhere and then a hour or two on mainly mac Tuna with some longtail just everywhere great fun, a fish a cast. Mike hooks on to a shark of about 2.3m and lands it gets out of the boat and brings it to the beach for the photo they release it only to have another shark ( much bigger ) take two bites and just about demolish the thing in front of their eyes, unbelievable.   Mike got back into the boat very quickly. They caught some quality fish during their time with us mainly Mackerel and Tuna.

At the same time I have another group in also South Africans these being Chris De Wet, Dirk, Peter and Garth we do a little more estuary than Michael  does but still had the crazy time in the blue with many Tuna hook ups ( bullets of the sea ) together With Good catches of barra, cod, queenies, Salmon, F/Mark.

We venture out to the east coast and get blown away (not only by the 30kts winds) but a very large barra and some very powerful fish we just could not stop them. We have lots of fun with nannagai, cod, sweetlip, fingermark and the usual GT’s & queenies. Also the time spent chasing the Salmon was very productive with some good quality coming in.

Last couple of days on the west for more Tuna action “Just stupidity “ there were millions great fun, along with Grey mackerel around the 1m then a school of bludger trevally these little fella’s are truly crazy and will eat anything you give them sometimes two on a lure. A last session on barra, Dirk and peter were happy with nice fish but one in particular which we lost was very good.


A different style of fishing to what the boys were used to was the call but all took to it, a very enjoyable trip by two groups of 8 South Africans, thanks fella’s hope to see you all again in the future.

Rob and Dan Landers arrive, Prize winners of a two day fishing trip, well we had some fun with young Dan getting a nice mackerel  both dad and he then caught several small ones, lots of fun GT’s and queenies and some good salmon to boot. Day two saw them loose their barra virginity with 9 barra, F/mark, queenfish, Cod, Grouper, Tarpon, Bream, GT, and more salmon. Well done and good luck with the farm in the future it was a pleasure to have you both on board.

Early September see’s the return of the “GUBA SHIELD CHALLENGE” with Phil Newton, Mad Max, Stretch “rob”, Joe and Manny.

Last year Joe was very out there about what he was going to catch etc, but this year very quiet and going about the business, well it’s Joe’s trip he starts with good barra to 78cm, fingermark 62cm. We catch quality barra, f/mark, Jack, cod, Salmon; have great times with the nannagai, grunter, sweetlip, etc.

Then together with 35ktns winds we enjoy wild tuna and queenies action, a great session on the Salmon, stretch gets a couple of giant herring on the plastic and in general keeps having great entertainment with lite gear and plastic’s  all trip. We continue to catch quality fish with Good Tuna & Queenfish some Mackerel action to remember, excellent Fingermark, plenty of grunts groans and many a laugh.  Joe managed to hang on to the shield but Max (last year’s winner) keeps upgrading barra to 70+ cm and has two chances to take the prize only to see them swim away, both between 90 -100cm well oversize bad luck mate, the trip finished with Max “choking” not on the fishing but on a hamburger silly bugger, a scare but all good..

Another great trip with good company thanks again everyone.

Phil Cherry with friends Glen and Wayne arrive from Canberra, out we go and into it with early catches of fun barra, cod, grunter, GT, queenfish 2 @ 14lb, we then continued to get amongst more queenfish and GT’s, cod, Nannagai’s, sweetlip some small mackerel then over the next day or two they were into the Tuna with good catches of longtail and Mac tuna’s to 14kg. Some entertainment with different mackerel to about 1m. The faces told the story with Wayne and some of the Tuna battles he was very pleased, and to get Glen his 1st barra on the last day was another memorable moment.

Again another mad session on bludgers with Phil getting two on one lure. Thank you gentlemen we enjoyed your company and hope to see you again.

At the same time we have Russel l Townsend with 13 year old twins Hayden and Mitch. Dad had done his homework and the boys could cast very well, Rusty lead the way with five barra on day one but then he had trouble getting a cast in as the boy’s were into it. Good catches of barra, some very nice fingermark, Jack, then as before Tuna madness provided some thrills and some moments with the ever present sharks at times.

We had a morning where the Mackerel were just everywhere and the boys just kept hooking up one after the other even Rusty managed to sneak a few in. The competition was on with Hayden up then Mitch would get a bigger one, then Hayden and so on etc. Memorable moments, Mitch with a 25-30lb Spanish Mac landed on a baitcaster, a 71cm Barra and many others, a big barra of approx. the magic metre hooked but caught up in the snag we could see her and tried everything to get her out only to break the line and then see her swim away.  Bad luck Rusty. An absolutely crazy session on Bludger Trevally where thousands of fish were all around us it was a fish a cast until you got tired of them, fantastic.  All in all a very good trip with quality fish and a great deal of pride shown by dad, well done everybody we had a great time until next year.

Until the next report take care.

Latest Report April - June 2011

Here we go again another year starts (there going too quickly). We start the season with the arrival of the Kynnersley group (alias team NAFA) of Peter, Adam, Graham, Brent, Dan and Glen.

Off we head on day one; there are good catches of Salmon, Queenies, Cod, Fingermark, a couple of Barra, some mackerel and Trevally, a good start. Then to continue with much of the same with a couple of big GT, some Spanish mac's, nannagai and trout.

The queenfish came on with several over the metre, mackerel  to 14kg, more trout, sweetlip, parrot, stripy's and Tuna. There was plenty of fun trevally. Memorable moments, a good coral trout for Peter, big queenfish to all in particular Brent's struggle, Graham Spanish Mac and 40kg Trevally, the loss of barra virginity's and the final night's NAFA awards for the weeks efforts.

Thanks gentlemen it was a fun week with you all, until next time take care.

Then back again Darryl Mc Kie with son James and grandson Jake ( alias Harry )  for a quick couple of days over the full moon not our best time to be here. We managed to get some nannagai, cod, GT's together with  7 odd barra, plenty of fun queenfish an GT's, Jack, Fingermark, cod, Tarpon, giant herring and even a small grouper, so not too bad at all.

We had a lot of fun even though the stay was too short old mate. Looking forward to next time.
John Butschies with son Alex ( who celebrated his 21st while here )and good mate Larry Pikard return to do battle. We start with small barra's, queenies, cod and trevally but soon move up to big GT, great Jack of 50cm, plenty of nannigai, cod, sweetlip, grunter some nice fingermark , sand bass, parrot, and trout.

Larry who had some bad luck last year came good with some very nice barra action ( to 72cm ) and took the mantle of barra king for this trip, was followed closely by John who managed some nice barra and a good trout for dinner thank you. then to have the boys getting some fingermark out of the rocks, this  was very visual indeed.

We had very entertaining times with the salmon, with fish to 12lb common, these were just fantastic on light gear, weren't they lads? In particular the big one that Alex hooked up too just screamed off it was a great fight. We also caught Some Spanish mac's, small but good fun, a good grey mackerel, golden trevally then we finally got into the bigger queenfish. Finishing up with a great barra session of 15, a couple of jacks, an assortment of good queenfish, GT, tarpon and cod. All in all a good week, again I thank you fella's for your company and the many laughs we had. John look after yourself and I really look forward to when we meet next.

Late April saw Wayne Dickinson arrive with Cameron, Scott, Calum, Justin & Mitch - Team Hemorrhoid - don't ask!!

Off we go with some great fun on salmon, plenty of quality queenfish 1m +, some small mackerel, four jacks and a moment of madness when a big GT of 25-30kg went just silly but we could not stop him getting to the bad lands and you know who was waiting, bad luck here. Then to have a shark of 2m be taken by big brother only to leave a head was a sight not to be forgotten.

We had a very good session on the barra everybody lost their virginity (barra virginity) smiles all-round.  More big queenies to 22lb, more salmon fun, and the tarpon gave us a laugh or two and a memorable moment when Wayne did battle with a quality estuary cod, the word patience came to mind Wayne BUT he won in the end well done mate. We finished up with more Barra, Jack, Fingermark,Salmon,Grunter,cod etc. and we were lucky to spot a couple of nice muddies just swimming around so jumped out and scooped them up, very nice.

Had a great time gents hope to see you all again in the not too distant future, thanks.
Early May saw a couple from Hiroshima Japan arrive. Hideaki (alias Jack) and wife Sayuri Morioka both love their fly fishing. Using 8 - 10 weight rods they wasted no time in having some fun with plenty of fun size GT and queenfish then Tarpon. Day one then produced some crazy moments with big queenfish over the metre to both anglers Sayuri  is small in stature but fished very well and at no time did she ever look like losing control over anything and brought in some great fish. Then it all happened poppers out and BANG GT smashed the popper, Sayuri's line is screaming out Jack grabs his special jigging rod he brought just in case we see some, casts a popper into the school and a enormous hole in the water appears and he is in big trouble. Both are heading off in different directions Jack's goes under the boat at 4000kph and bang the rod just explodes - bugger bad luck Jack but Sayuri just stays with it and brings  home a 40lb GT great effort. What a day.

Over the next few days we have some fun with  Barra madness,  Fingermark, plenty of GT/Queenfish one session was a fish a cast, the Tarpon were great, even got some small mackerel  in, cod, archer fish etc. it was a very enjoyable trip and you were a pleasure to have on board.  I look forward to catching up next year, thank you both.

Simon Tritton together with dad (Nick) arrives for 6 days fishing. Day one gets underway with some good fishing with quality barra, cod, and fingermark and salmon. Then some Tuna madness to 30lb good size GT (one on the baitcaster which caused some heart beats to jump) more quality salmon and a nice Mackerel. Simon has brought a fly rod to try (he's new to this game) well he takes it on like a pro and at no time at all he's into everything and having a ball.

Over the next few days we continue to have some great times with many different species, the barra session's stand out, beach casting to GT / queenies / Giant Herring was terrific, Nick continued to bring home the dinner each day with quality salmon, barra, fingermark etc and who will forget the GT on popper off the Island that came and went and went and went!!!!

Had a great time boys very much enjoyed your time with us Thank you.

Late May saw the return of good friends Ian & Nikki Young, Gary Young, Bob Wells, Wout Timmermans. The start was a little slow but still not bad with Barra, Fingermark, Jack, Cod, Trevors etc but then it just got better. Wout who had only caught small barra last year just started to upgrade each time 50cm /65cm /75cm and plenty of them, he was indeed having a purple patch.

We had some very entertaining days to follow with Barra, fingermark and Jacks to 50cm all of quality, some massive cod, Saratoga, plenty of nannigai, also fun queenies and GT's. Then a exciting session on big queenies to 28lb Heh Gary and double hookup's to Nikki, Ian & Gary. We showed the grouper to Nikki (I think she's just about the right size for him ummmmm.) I think she was impressed. But I think Wout took out the honours with consistent quality fish for the trip well done mate. As always I really do enjoy your company not sure when we will see you all again as your now scattered half way round the world, best of luck and take care from a true friend.

Next up early June and the Tassie crew of Dad John & son's Greg, Nick, Dan & Dave Finnigan arrive, let the fun and games begin. First day was a goodie, with 16 barra to 68cm, a fun session on salmon a very nice fingermark, bream, cod, GT, queenies etc. then over the next few days we continued to get good catches of salmon (some very good quality here) a variety of nannigai, Jack, Tarpon, f/mark, and plenty of GT's and queenfish some well over the metre, Tuna, trying very hard to avoid the bloody sharks. Gold spot trevally, Coral Trout, Stripy's etc.

We had a great time with all losing their barra virginity John's first was well - a little small BUT it was a barra heh Johno !!! Dan could just not get one and almost had a sook but thankfully came good and then went on to bigger and better well done mate. Thank you gentlemen it was a very enjoyable stay, I look forward to our next outing.

Same time we also had Simon Orlowski and friend Haydn arrive also from Tassie. Both gents on fly with Haydn also on spinning outfits. We started with 5 Barra, Jack, cod, salmon, Grey Mackerel to 14lb, GT, & queenies. Then the next few days provided plenty of fun with the queenies and GT's some over the metre also some nice Diamond Trevally (a beautifull fish these) together with Barra, Jack, Tarpon, cod and of course the salmon.

Last day saw us having some fun with Barra to 70cm, good tarpon action, still plenty of small GT's and also plenty of queenfish some up around the 18 -20lb mark, with the usual collection of estuary cod. Thanks boys for a good week hopefully you will have some fond memories of your trip; I look forward until next time we meet.

Returning again is Gary Huggett, Alan Branch and Ardy Mechielsen to again do battle and start the hunt. All very much enjoy the casting to snags we start with some barra's, jack, cod (those dreaded cod Ardy) GT's in what was a fair start. Then we have a day in the escape and get more barra to 76cm, good fingermark and jack to 50cm, some beasts in the hole are still running I'm sure.

We pick up sand bass, stripy's, parrott, sweetlip, nannigai, more cod and a very nice salmon. Each day we see good fish and sometimes sportingly release them, some from a very long way apparently, we had our chances lads. Over the course of the trip some good quality fish were caught and dropped but I think Ardy might have taken the Barra king's crown ( sorry Gassa ) but for me Alby's cast over and into the middle of a snag while  seeing a good barra just sitting there minding her own business and get the hook up was both brave, on the money and probably a little bloody stupid,  we were never going to get her out was my call, ALMOST DID in the end there was plenty of jumping, crashing and running around but just needed a little luck, but great to watch the whole thing unfold well done Alby.
Thanks fellas always good to have you hear. Take care until next year And CONGRATULATIONS to Gassa for not hooking himself, a first, on ya Gary !!!!!

Also at the same time the return of Mark Todman (the little black cloud) and friends Neil and Chris. Like the boys above some quality fish came in we start with the first fish, a blue salmon of 83cm, Barra, good size fingermark, jack, cod, GT & queenies. We continue with more barra some very good fish seen and hooked, again quality fingermark and Jack, we have some fun with the nannigai's. Neil last year could not land a barra, well he made up for it this time with each fish just kept upgrading until he peaked at a very good 87cm specimen, beautiful fish.

Then there were the salmon 81, 83cm and more,  great fun to catch on light gear. We had some sessions on the small GT & queenfish where they were a fish a cast Chris was having an orgasm truly good fun we forget sometimes how much fun you can have on light gear with these fella's  and then on the last day we came across a session on barra not necessarily big ones  some were good though but fantastic entertainment   and we stopped at 50 before moving on, as at that stage the SEAGULL  had arrived all were amazed (including me) so a really good finish to the week. Mark celebrated his 90th birthday ( I maybe wrong with this maybe 95th ) while here hope you made it home OK.

Again thank you also boys for a very enjoyable time together, it's getting harder to beat each year. But we'll try.

A very good start to the year. Next report mid - late October.

Tim Freebody