Report - 2010

Latest Report October - December 2010

First up we see two new groups arrive Phil and brother Tim Treeby and Mark Fekonjia, with friends mick, John and Dave.

With 30 plus ktns winds to greet us we were going to have our moments, so off we go to the Jacky Jacky  where we get a couple of Barra, Fingermark, Cod ,Grunter, Bream, GT and one hell of a Blue Salmon which gave Phil a run for his money, not a bad start.

Then off to west coast and seas were not overly pleasant (as Tim had to be back for the AFL final he’s a Magpie fan, but now a happy one) While we didn’t catch that many we did however have some real chances with a GT of 50lb + break us off, a big Mackerel taken by a shark, several smaller GT’s, some good fun queenfish on poppers and a couple of stripey’s and trout off the bottom.

Back to the east coast with both boats getting Barra, Cod, Bream, GT’s, Nannagai, Sweetlip etc. We try west coast and have some fun with Queenfish and GT’s and some Mackerel. Mick got a snodger Queenie approx.22lb Dave a Spanaird of 30lb+ plenty of fun size GT and Mac’s, some dirty big Barracuda and then poor old Tim who must have run over a chinaman or black cat or something hooks onto a 1m Barra only to have her break him off in the snag after seeing her jump and perform, very sad bad luck mate. The groups had a day off with a TI trip then next day back to the west coast for more barra, fun session on Salmon, we found some giant Herring working also in with them were medium size Queenies that were great fun on plastics and metals.

Then I’m very sad to say Tim we revisited the spot where you unfortunately lost your big girl a day or so earlier and Mark caught the fish of his life she went exactly 1 metre a beautiful fish. The boys caught 16 barra on the last day, several nice ones but everybody lost their barra virginity.

Thanks gentlemen very much enjoyed your company in what was at times very tough conditions.

I took Peter Jones and son Mitchell out for a day and you never get tired of seeing the face of excitement, young Mitch had a good day with plenty of GT’s and Queenfish, cod, Mac’s but the Queenie to 15lb and then the GT to 20lb was just too much well done both of you.

Then saw the return of Geoff Pulford together with Marcos, Ian, Kev, Terry and Dale. Day one saw us on the east coast for an entertaining day with 17 barra, some very nice fingermark, the usual cod, bream GT’s etc. Then “FINALLY GREAT WEATHER” out to the blue with good queenfish, some nice GT’s and then some Spanairds until the sharks moved in. Also had some fun with a Tuna or two as well, then some stripey’s and trout. We went back inside the estuary for nannagai, cod, sweetlip etc.

Next day west coast and weather still beautiful had some fantastic fun with both Mac’s  & Longtail Tuna’s to 25lb, good queenfish, GT’s, mackerel it was really nice to have weather as good as this we had a swim at the Islands beautiful. Next day west again, river shut down but the blue continues to produce. Again good Tuna action, Queenies and Mackerel with plenty of small queenies and GT’s on plastics and metals the go. Last day and we had some real fun with 30+ barra, fingermark, cod, GT, Queenfish, grunter etc everyone lost their virginity (barra) even Kev which was something to be seen, a scary moment heh Kev !!!

Magic moments, some of Ian’s cooking, the swim in the Jardine fresh, fishing a bait ball with everything on it and just coming up to it and watching the action unbelievable, and the boys getting their bags delivered from Qantas, you can only take sooooo much of the Qantas “jarmies” Thanks one all it was a good week. 

Next up my old mate Mark Todman returns with Neil and Rob. Together with Jason Churchill and dad, Don. As soon as Mark (with the black cloud) arrives I need a new motor, so a quick few calls and it’s on it’s way. Meanwhile out we all go and into it straight away, with some good Tuna action, some nice Mackerel, pretty hefty queenfish and GT’s then those bloody sharks found us, but a good start. Over to the east coast and Barra, fingermark, GT, Queenies, Cod, sweetlip, nannagai, tarpon, bream and b/cuda’s etc Next day the blue provides more very good Tuna action, GT’s and Queenfish as well, a golden Trevally to about 14lb’s, grey and Spanish mac’s. The Churchill’s leave us now but what a lot of fun from both of you thanks so much fella’s look forward to next time.

Mark and the boys continue with more Mac’s to 30+lb, Queenfish 20+lb, nice trout cod etc.

George  Karanfilovski,  Matt and Blake return and straight away into good Tuna, GT 12kg, queenfish 10kg, Mackerel  to 20kg, a big GT of 25kg taken by a shark at the boat, a cobia 9kg etc not a bad start at all. The other boat had many smaller queenies and GT’s with also Tuna, Mackerel and had some fun with the Salmon off the beach. Next day PERFECT WEATHER WOW, flat as, so out we go and what a day. Both boats get Tuna, Mackerel, Queenfish then a session on the bottom with baits/ plastics / metals and poppers that just went silly. We got 51 sweetlip in one boat alone plus numerous trout, stripey’s, Big eye/ Bludger/ Lowley and Giant trevally’s together with wolf herring, long toms, cuda etc everything that could chase DID. Great Day. I struggled to keep up with the boys with bait/removal of fish/ rerigging etc. Sadly Mark, Neil and Rob leave us, we do have a lot of fun, laughs etc until next time thanks boys.

A day off, then a trip up to the Cape by boat and fish the way back. Weather has changed to rain and a very cool breeze. We did the tip thing and Matt got a very good grunter (dinner thank you) and then we went back to Possession Island and found some Tuna, well very funny indeed everybody hooks up and it’s just chaos, George figures that his is more important and tells me to cut all the other lines yeah right!!!! But after a while we regain control and all good. There were little pods working so you had a cast or two then gone but the boys did well. It was very cold ( for us ) while taking control of another Tuna Matty  grabs hold of it to remove the hook and states geezs it’s warm and decides to lay on the floor and cuddle it for a while to keep warm ummmmmmm !! Got a photo don’t know why. We continued to get some more Tuna then saw some fish on the screen down deep dropped a metal down   Bang  could not hold them, not sure what we were playing with but it had plenty of weight and the 30lb line not good enough. But never the less we had great fun Thanks to all of you a very good week. 

Don Park, Peter, Russell, Rod, Adam and Simon (alias the Seagull) arrive. West coast sees some good Tuna action, Queenfish, Gt’s but many lost to sharks, also  Small Trout, Stripey’s, some mackerel, sweetlip and a couple of golden trevally. Adam took the honours on day one with a GT of approx 30+lbs (15kg) and a Queenfish of 20lb (10kg). Those who had not got a Tuna before were amazed by their speed and power, fish to approx. 8 -10kg were common, along with several nice gold spot trevally. 

The next few days produced Barra, Fingermark, Cod, GT’s Queenfish, Mackerel, Tuna, Jack, Golden Trevally etc. But some did it tough at times. A memorable moment for Rod, while up a narrow creek and bang his reel screams and after a very good fight he manages to land a very solid Queenfish of approx. 22lbs. The last couple of days produced some good fun with sessions on Barra Best a 86cm model to rusty was a fantastic struggle, another to 75cm, Rod’s 69cm battle was exciting to get her out of the snag, we managed to boat 16 Barra and loose just as many again but as Don said it’s more about the hunt and getting that strike.  We caught some very nice fingermark peter in particular was tickled to get a beauty on a plastic along with a lot of other fish as well, he certainly has changed his thoughts on plastics, well done big fella, we had a fun session on light gear over the flats picking up Queenies, GT’s and the odd fingermark.  Simon ( nick-named Umar for casting over everyone and everything to get to something was likened to a seagull arriving from nowhere when the chips are thrown etc ) cast to a snag only to be raped and pillaged by a beast mainly a large cod, what a fight back and forth but we got it in the end.

While a tough week at times some very nice fish came in and some fun sessions were had by all. Thanks fella’s enjoy your company until next time behave yourselves.

Next up John White returns for his annual hunt this year he brings along mate Richard Wood from NZ we start the trip with a good day 16 Barra, Jack, Fingermark, cod, GT, etc  Rich has to acclimatize a bit he tells me it’s not as warm as this at home !!!

Then over the next few days he manages to catch some very nice fish indeed ( all too easy he say what’s the big deal ) He gets Gt to 30lb, Large Queenfish, Trout, Jack, Fingermark he is the dinner provider ( and a good one at that ). The Barra shut down somewhat due to the rain and falling barometric pressure but we still get a few 8 here and 5 there but other fish keep the entertainment up for us.

We are then joined in the other boat by Allan Woolf and Friend Margie who waste no time and get into things out to the west coast Some good GT’s Big queenies to 10kg+ trout, different trevors etc. Then on our return home yet another storm but this one has a large water spout happening, we carefully go over to see and to listen unbelievable, I would not be too keen to get closer than this truly amazing. Next day over to the east again and as usual (you should not bring your wife or girl friend, only joking) Margie hooks up to a very good Spaniard of approx 45lb and lands it and says is this a big one? When she had to pick it up for the photo she answered her own question, yep!! We then went inside to have some fun with the nannagai etc and then found heaps of big barra just cruising around but unfortunately not on the chew but it was great to see them albeit frustrating as well. I was almost thinking of jumping out and grabbing one ( not really )

The next couple of days was much better with good catches of barra, 20 & 17 and as many lost, some great strikes and plenty of aerials etc. Plenty of action on the flats as well, which made for very enjoyable fishing.  Richard, Alan and Margie all lost their barra virginity with the later never having caught anything on a lure before so well down folks.

Thanks everybody for yet another great Year I hope 2011 brings happiness to you all.

Latest Report July – September 2010

Early July saw the return of Alan Smith & Shaun and at the same time Matt Elkan and friend Toby.

East coast and some barra (including two very big fish sportingly released a little premature!!!) Good fingermark, bream and cod. Next couple of days exploring the Jacky Jacky with catches of Barra, F/Mark, GT, Cod, Jack, Queenfish. Nannigai, Bream, sweetlip, etc with some very nice quality to boot. Then came this never ending wind again to 30knts very unseasonal and it shut things down a little.

Over to the west for fun with queenies,GT’s, Golden trevally, Barra, Tarpon, cod, the odd Jack etc. day two saw 26 Barra, 6 jack, quality queenfish ( 20lb ) GT’s, cod, archer’s etc. Shaun was happy to be back and had a great day on the barra.

Final two days saw us back at the Jacky Jacky for yet another entertaining time with another barra and king salmon session to brag about together with some stupidity on the blue nose salmon, sweetlip, F/Mark & Jack some great fish here very good quality, trout, stripy’s, cod, GT’s etc. we saw one of the biggest salmon ever but just couldn’t get it to take the lure.

This was a hard week at times with the winds, but hard work and persistance still rewarded us with some quality fish.

Thanks fella’s very much enjoyed your company.

Mid July saw a couple of trips out to the Jacky Jacky those winds  still persist I find a new rock bar OUCH!!!!  Dually noted, lucky to still have my motor attached. Then John Maynard’s group arrives with Stuart and Maurie, together with the return of Albie, Arty & Gary. Winds still here 30 + knts makes things very difficult. East coast produced some nice barra, F/Mark, GT’s, cod,Queenies, a muddie, nannigai, grunter, bream etc. Then off to the west coast for Trout, sweetlip, parrot, stripy’s, GT’s, queenies,salmon, etc an entertaining day.

Again on the west some good barra with one session very enjoyable producing fish to 80cm ( Gary’s long range release was noted, not that he was overly happy. ) more Jack’s, good queenies, GT’s some quality salmon, cod, bream etc. over the next few days we did it tough with the strong winds but with good casting we managed to continue to get quality barra to 78cm, good F/Mark, jack to 55cm, several large cod, nice salmon , sand bass, nannigai, mackerel and plenty of other estuary fish.

Gary Hugget alias the hook man never fails to get himself hooked up, this year no different with 3 occasions, he was banned from touching anything. Thanks fella’s it was indeed a memorable trip.

Late July saw my old work mate Nev Riddle from 30 years ago and eight friends have a day out with us. We all enjoyed ourselves with Barra, GT, cod, grunter, bream, sand bass, jacks etc good to catch up thanks mate had a very enjoyable day.

Then saw the return of the dreaded Newton group of Phil, Rob, Max, stretch,  Joe &  Manny.Looking forward to many a session competing for the “Guba Shield“.

East coast produced over the next few days  barra, F/mark, Nannigai, GT, cod, queenies, bream, mac’s, Sweetlip, Jack, archerfish, grunter  etc etc.

West coast gives up some very good days with plenty of trevally’s ( golden, bludger, giant, lowly ) some nice tuna, quality queenfish that both just pull and pull, then jacks, barra, cod, bream, trout, stripy’s etc. then another very enjoyable day with both boats getting 27 & 28 barra with yet another 1m beauty getting the better of us and not making it to the boat, bugger !!, also we saw  jack, cod, tarpon, mackerel, salmon, tuna, plenty of GT and queenies, with some scary jigging action from the beast below, some we managed to get in but most were taken buy those other scary beast with teeth.

The winds hold off for a little while allowing us to have some great fun with the Tuna, queenies, GT’s & mac’s. I can still see Joe hooked up to a nice Tuna and somehow getting caught up with a lure from another rod, but the lure was hooked in a very scary place and nobody was going to touch it or the lure, so while fighting the fish Joe removes his shorts and continues the battle not a pretty sight.

Last day over to the east for a very good session with Barra, F/Mark & cod, good quality. Also GT, queenfish, grunter, jack, b/cuda and a great session on King salmon one of which we saw must have been close to 35 – 40lb, may have been that monster I mention earlier in this report.

Yet another great trip boys always welcome your company, laughter and skills. Until next year, thank you all.

Mid August brings with it The Morgan Group, a very funny bunch of fella’s  with  Ring leader Bob together with Joe, Brett, Rusty & Merve.

Off to the west coast and we’re into some nice queenfish, trout, and some beasts from the depths that while jigging are on route to NZ just keep going, scary. We have a great time on blue salmon and small GT & queenies off the beaches.

Next day more salmon (Merv says this is just tooooo easy, can’t see what the fuss is about) we get our first barra, jack, cod and taste of the estuary. Next couple of days we get amongst some fingermark, GT, Bream, Nannigai, tarpon, sweetlip, barra, queenies etc. But Bob still can’t crack the barra virginity thingy!! As Yet. Then last day last cast thing and bang there is screaming and carrying on, Bob has a barra madness all over the boat then it’s landed, anyone would have thought 1m + but what’s wrong with 51cm anyway ????? Well done mate.

Friday night saw the group go to the fishing club for burger and beers where Bob had the club in a standing ovation for his karaoke performance, it was indeed very good.

Had a great time and look forward to next trip thanks fella’s.

I fly back with the boys then on to Brisbane where I meet up with friends Darryl McKie and mate Dave. We are about to fly back to the Cape via Chopper what a great trip, with the last two legs Cairns – Cooktown – Bamaga just fantastic. We had a couple of stops for fishing in creek mouths etc just great fun and the sights were beautiful, thanks so much fella’s will never forget this. We then had a couple of days fishing back home where we got amongst the barra 20 odd, Jack, cod salmon,GT, queenies Golden trevally and others.

What a fabulous week.

September see’s the return of Paul and Rosie Ashman and we’re straight into it. Plenty of Tuna (maybe a shark or two as well!!!)  5 barra, a dozen salmon, some queenies, tarpon and B/ Cuda, it’s just as well Paul loves the miss’es she tends to catch everything that goes past the boat. Next a day down the river very windy but Paul comes good with a nice 75cm barra along with some others, Rosie goes easy on him (that’s her story ).

Next two days over to the east where we have a great time with Barra, a couple of very nice girls get the better of us but we see them, several nice fish still caught, Jack to 50cm, a great session on King salmon, cod, F/Mark, fun size GT’s & queenies, Nannigai, sweetlip, bream etc.

We had a great time and many a laugh and the odd wine or two on the verandah over a chat, thanks again take care see you next year.

Next up Mitch O’Mara returns, this time with the inaugural winner of the Cape fishing trip competition. Mike Baker who says he is not really a fisherman more a mountain bike rider. Yeah right it did not take him long to settle in, we had a great week.

West coast produces Barra, GT, and good queenies, Salmon that give us plenty of ooh- arrrs, also tarpon & grunter. Mike was impressed with the sights, marine life & general beauty of the place ( something we forget from time to time ) .

East coast and we’re away ( Mitch breaks another of my rods… every year ahhhhhhh  well, he does get a little excited)  plenty of Barra, quality  fingermark we had some good sessions with these, big cod, more salmon, sand bass, nannigai, jack, bream those fun GT & queenies to name a few. We had a tourist day with a trip to the Tip by boat, over to Possession Island, Roko Pearl farm and then took part in the raft race a great day was had.

Back to the fishing with a couple more nice barra, again some good quality Fingermark and cod, more GT swarming with double hook up common here on one lure, crasy fish.

It was a pleasure to have my old mate back but also to meet Mike. Until next year.

I had a couple of day trips towards the end of the month, Tom Aubrey x 4 out to J/Jacky a fun day with young Tom getting a nice Black Jew, along with flathead,GT’s, Nannigai, sweetlip, cod, Barracuda, Fingermark we did alright says Tom.

Then west with dad and sons to have fantastic fun with queenfish and trevally ( 1 to 20lb ) salmon cod some small mackerel, jack and a nice Cobia of 18 – 20lb caught by youngster Kian, with dad Tony proud as, well done mate it certainly pulled us around for awhile.

Thanks everybody again very much enjoyed this period, while we had some very strong winds and strange weather we still continue to get some wonderful results.

Next report approx. mid Jan 2011.

Latest Report March - June 2010

Late March saw the start of our 2010 season, with Ivan Cornwell & mate John. We started with a half day on the west coast, some big queenies to 18 – 20 lb nice size GT’s, blue salmon and of course the Groper. Then off to the east coast with some great fun with Salmon, Fingermark, some barra with the most being jumped off. We ended up with a nice muddy as well, Rain Rain in the arvo ummmmmm.

The next couple of days saw some good trout, Sweetlip, Nannigai, Mackerel, good queenies, Gt’s, Barra etc. Then we had a storm to remember followed by a good day on the west coast. 20 odd large queenies to 18lb, barra, Giant Herring, Tarpon and some very nice GT’s jigged up off the bottom. While it was wet at times we had a good trip with some very memorable fish. Thanks fella’s enjoyed your company look forward to next time.

Early April see’s the boys from Mackay arrive, with Nissan Mackay represented by Tim Overall with mates Big Tony, Yates’ie, Rossco, Francis, Paul. Off we went to the west coast to take advantage of the weather and saw Tuna, Big queenies and some good GT’s to 35lb with Yates’ie getting the better one.We had some good trout, sweetlip, stripy’s, Parrot and gold spot trevally a good day.

Then off to the east coast for a great session on blue salmon with a fish every cast almost happening some funny moments here. GT, cod, Queenfish etc but it did rain apparently !!!!! The next couple of days saw some very good queenfish, salmon, GT’s, a grey mackerel for dinner, some jacks, cod, tarpon, Grunter, Bream etc. But we did have our share of rain nothing we could do about that boys but your attitude was first class, thoroughly enjoyed your company, a good group with lots of new words learnt and many a laugh. Hope we see you again in the not too distant future.

Mid April Saw the return of Fly fishermen Mike Guppy ( & wife Sarah ) John, Graham & Rufus. Off we go to have some fun with little queenies and GT’s Yeah right caught a couple all smiles then Bang……..we saw a large boil John put a fly into it, Graham a plastic two hook ups in different directions lines screaming unfortunately the fly was bitten off but the little plastic on 14lb braid was under extreme pressure 50 minutes later we see a GT of 50lb come to the boat, all stated “NO MORE” of them. Over the next few days we see some excellent fun with Queenfish, GT’s (of acceptable size) Tarpon, cod, bream, golden trevally, Mackerel, Saratoga, Grunter, Giant Herring. Then a session on Barra 25 odd, Jacks, Diamond trevally, salmon, nannigai etc. all on fly, Great fun. One session on the flats with queenies & trevally was just great.

Thanks again folks really enjoyed this trip.

Next up was the Bremauer group, with Ben, Peter, Joe, Ron and Bert (Father and sons) Great to see the relationship between dad & sons. Off to the east coast for Barra, Jack, Queenfish, GT, Trout, Parrott, Sweetlip, Sand bass, and Nannigai etc. Memorable moment was Ben and the best barra for the season 1150mm approx 35lb very well angled out of a snag great stuff!! Next couple of days produced Barra, nannies, GT, queenies, cod, bream, fingermark etc. Then off to the west coast for a great day in the blue water with big queenfish to 20lb, GT’s to 35lb, Lowley Trevally to 12lb, Gold spot trevally, Coral trout etc etc. Then while poppering a spanaird of approx 50lb launches it’self vertical only to drop the lure, then everybody started casting poppers, Bang out of the water comes another Spanaird, misses the popper, BANG again gets it this time mid air OH NO here we go again, it’s coming straight at me, just misses me and lands in the live well behind me I turn around and push it’s head down (fuel & electrical lines everywhere), all good it made a nice dinner for all. 

Next couple of days produced some great action with quality queenfish, Tuna, nice GT’s and Black Jew jigging the bottom, Diamond & Bludger trevally, Cod, Trout,Barra, Jack, Tarpon etc. One session on the big queenfish was just stupid they went crazy.” Senior Dad” Bert will remember his Black Jew of 25lb, all the sons were rapt well done all.

This was a very good trip with a “great group” thanks to you all.

Same time Les chambers with mates Greg and John arrive. We started in the east coast with Barra, Cod, grunter, Queenfish, Tarpon, GT’s etc. The west coast produced some quality Trout, fingermark, a very nice Spanaird without a tail in the end, still feed half the campground, some excellent queenfish and a very memorable session jigging large Jewfish to 30lb + the boys were grunting and groaning but did it well.

Some barra, cod, Trevors,  sweetlip more trout made a memorable trip. The last day saw Greg latch on to a very good GT to 60lb which took 40 odd minutes to get in, we had some moments but well worth it.

Les was the photographer in the group and took some excellent shots, but the sunsets were just magic, thanks  mate.  

Thanks fella’s look forward to next time.

Late April  had a day out with a mad English Fly fisherman and friend Barry, a good day was had, 16 barra, Jack, B/cuda, Tarpon, cod, queenfish, etc all on Fly needless to say he was a happy man, thanks fella’s.

Early May saw the return of Larry Pikard and John Butschies off to Jacky Jacky for Barra, cod, F/Mark, Tarpon, GT, Bream etc next couple of days saw the estuary shut down a little BUT we still managed to get some nice Barra 69cm, good F/Mark, Jack, Trout, Parott, Sweetlip, Stripy’s, Nannigai, Sand bass, cod, a couple of good queenfish on poppers etc etc.

Off to the west and here we go again with good quality queenfish to 18 -20lb, GT’s – 14lb, Jack, F/Mark, Grunter – 6lb, Groper problems are still apparent with them wanting our fish!!!

WE finished off with the next two days producing some great moments.48 Barra 30 more jumped off, 14 good jack, cod, big and fun size queenfish, golden trevally, Saratoga and many more HOWEVER, it would be remiss of me not to mention the last barra a 90+cm model played very well brought to the boat only to see Larry who was leading the best size until then, while attempting to net the beast managed to push the barra off the lure rather than net it? It was an accident apparently ummmmmm???

A great trip boy’s really enjoyed your company, don’t make it too long until next time.

Mid May sees the return of Mitch O’Mara, with Rod, Brendon & Mick. A funny time with these larrikins was about to happen AGAIN.

Over the first few days a mixed bag of Nice Barra to 75cm, GT, Queenfish and cod, good fingermark, nannigai, bream, jack, small trevally, sweetlip etc. these together with a couple of quiet times (some strong winds) but as we do, we got back into the stupidity with great fun on the large queenfish to 20lb, some good barra, cod, tarpon GT, Jacks. WE had a great queenfish on when those bloody gropers showed up so we moved a fair distance and then started to bring the fish in again approx. 20lb queenie, I’ve netted it and in the split second of lifting it into the boat BANG the bloody groper and I are having a tug of war which he won, unfortunately, in doing so completely wrecked my net and got the fish as well, not happy Jan!!!

We had a great session on small queenies / GT’s and golden trevally over the flats. Then Brendon and Rod snuck in a session on Barra (22 to 78cm) and told the others about it later (good one boys) another good trip lots of laughs and memories, one in particular was Vossy climbing a coconut tree (trying too anyway) getting half way up and realizing this was not the place to be and then had to slide down on his…ummm, also not happy Jan!!!

Thanks boys can’t wait till next year.

Early June saw Chris Smith return with friends Geoff and Evan Coker. Chris is a bit of a fishaholic loves it and took no time to get into things, together with the boys they had Barra, good fingermark, big cod, GT, Tarpon, some nice Salmon, Cod, bream etc.

Our first taste of blue water and over the next few days saw several nice Spanish Mackerel to 30lb, Longtail Tuna- 20lb, Good queenies, Barra – 65cm, Jack, again big fingermark, sweetlip. Flathead, Stripy’s & Parrot.

Then to the west coast for a very good day with 18 Barra, 2 Jacks, * large queenfish, several good GT’s, Tarpon and cod, the boys were happy BUT WAIT there’s more, then came “BARRA- MONDY”

Don’t know what it was, but Monday produced some great fishing with 60 Barra in the boat 30+ dropped as well, Good Jack, cod, F/mark also in the estuary then Tuna, GT, Queenfish in the Blue, a great day, best days Barra fishing I’ve had.The boys ended up with 97 barra for the trip.

We were having some great tussle’s with jigging the beast from the depths, with not much success it must be said with the sharks giving us a caning so we went back to the Jacky Jacky for the next couple of days to have some excellent fun with Barra, F/mark , Jacks ( good ones ) Salmon, Grunter, Tarpon, Queenies, GT’s etc

A really good trip thanks fella’s until next time.   

Late June and Jason Cherry and dad Bob, together with Ken arrive to do battle with anything, unfortunately so did the wind 30+kts, blue water shuts down so it’s only the estuary Bugger, well we did not too badly at all. Ken thinks this is all too easy as his first cast produces a nice barra (that’s dinner) then more barra, queenies, GT, cod, parrot, sweetlip, nannigai, mackerel etc.

Then we move west to try to beat the wind early ( No go ) duck in the estuary where we jumped off a couple of good barra and a nice Saratoga “BUT” have a great afternoon on good queenfish and GT’s got most of them past those bloody gropers. Both Ken and Jason reckon this is better than…x I don’t think so but it is very good, the visual strikes on poppers is something you don’t forget to easily.

Next day saw a repeat of the wind so estuary again, this time some really good entertainment (after a quiet morning session) on Barra with 28 coming in. You just have to keep trying don’t you Ken!! A lot of fun was had here by all. We gave up on the blue went back to the Jacky Jacky to finish,  well another good day, with a couple of snags producing some terrific fun. Barra to 70cm, good quality f/mark, some thumper Cod (bob reckons one of these is probably still running)

So while we missed out on the blue it was still a good trip thanks boys will talk to you soon.

2010 starts with some good trips and some tough ones, with strong unseasonal winds and the odd shower or two (maybe we could call them a tropical downpour!!!!)

Some very nice fish as you can see on the gallery well done everybody.

Next report mid to late October

Thanks all