Report - 2009

Latest Report October - December 2009

Early October saw the arrival of Eric Wood and friends Neville & Mike together with Alan Satchell’s group of sister Lyn, son Conrad and mate Tony.

The first couple of days out at the Jacky Jacky were a little quiet but still saw some nice fish come in, including Barra, F/Mark, Cod, Salmon, Grunter, Mackerel, Queenfish, Nannigai etc. Memorable moments being a very large Barra over the metre smashing the lure on Eric’s boat, then to see her jumping all over the place putting on a great show only to get the better of the boys eventually.  Then Tony casting, hooking up on a nice cod only to have a crocodile  takes both cod and lure and the struggle begins, good fun Tony wasn’t it ? NOT.

Then over to the west coast for some action with Barra, Tarpon, GT’s, Queenies, Tuna, b/cuda, & of course the odd shark with the Satchell’s going over to the east for Grunter, barra, Trevally, cod, bream, nannigai, f/mark, Jewfish etc.

Back to Jacky Jacky for good catches Barra, F/mark, Cod, GT, Tarpon etc. Alan & family stayed on for another two days for good catches of Barra, cod, GT, Gold spot trevally ,Big Mackerel, coral trout, Tuna, Queenfish etc. Memorable moments Lyn’s first barra  the anticipation then BANG, mayhem follows with all the boys offering advice etc Tony reckon’s it should have been his !!   Then the blue water madness getting those Tuna in,   Haven’t laughed so much for a long time, it was great. Thank you all enjoyed your company look forward to next time.

Next up is the return of the Zarb group of Charlie, Dug, Ed, Andrew, and Mario & Mac. Off to the East coast for good catches of barra, GT’s, Cod, Nannigai, Mackerel, Queenfish, Grunter, bream etc. we lost a big barra and a very large F/mark, or maybe it was only a sporting long range release, yeah !!!!!

Then over to the west coast for a great session on fun barra with 30 fish in, with as many dropped.  Coral Trout, Parrot, Salmon, bludger trevally, Gt, Stripy’s, Sweetlip and some scary & exciting moments with the bullets of the sea Longtail Tuna’s ,  which had everybody’s  heart rate climbing.

The last two  days we spent back in the Jacky Jacky with good catches of barra (22) F/mark, Jack, Salmon, GT’s, Cod, Grunter & a couple of nice mud crabs.

All had a good time and take with them some fine memories, thank you all we did thoroughly enjoy you company ( even yours Charlie ).

Mike Craig with Dad (John) arrives from NZ for a return trip. 30knot winds made things a little awkward but we still managed to get Barra, F/mark, Grunter, cod, bream, Gt, Nannigai, sweetlip etc.

The next couple of days produced some very nice barra to 80cm plus, Jack, Tarpon, Queenfish, GT,  cod, grunter,F/mark, even some very angry archer fish. Moments to remember were the battle with a small groper (14lb ) deep into the mangroves which John won, then two sessions on barra which provided great fun with good quality, John will never forget the strike and following battle with a 80cm plus barra fantastic performance and then another battle with a groper of about 80 - 100kg this time though, on the end of my hand. Thank god I am now wearing gloves (which got torn to shreds) I just put my hand over to wash them when BANG I was pulled to the floor with my arm over the boat, John thinks I’ve collapsed and am having a heart attack (dam near was) 2-3 seconds it let go......... there has to be an easier way to catch a fish. A quick count of digits all good.

Final day back to the East coast (get away from those bloody gropers) to finish with some nice barra, F/mark, cod, GT, Tarpon, Sand bass and Queenfish.

Thanks you two we had a great time and a special praise to Mike, who has a great attitude, he never stops trying with cast after cast but gets the result in the end, well done, look forward to our next meeting.

Next to arrive was the Todman group with Mark, and mate Ian “Bucky” and new comer to this part of the world Chris Smith.

The first three days saw us do battle with some good barra, F/mark, GT’s, Tarpon, Cod, Bream, Nannigai, Mackerel, Parrott, Sweetlip, sand bass, stripeys etc. We had some fun with bonito and then good size Queenfish on poppers (heh Chris).

Then over to the west coast for some exciting blue water fishing with Tuna, Mackerel, Bludger Trevally, gold spot trevally, GT’s, Queenfish, Jack, coral trout, sweetlip, cod, etc. Memorable moments were two sessions on the barra in the estuary, one with 13 good quality fish the other with 21 fun fish (45 – 55cm) they needed to be good casts to get the result as the fish were well back in the snag but the lads did very well indeed.

Last day out to east again for some mackerel action,  GT’s, reef fish and a good session on quality barra, with 8 coming in and we managed to jump off a further 10 fish.

A very good week lads, thank you for your company am already looking forward to next time.

Don Park, Peter Devietti and newcomer Russell Townsend arrive for a short visit I tell them first day will be tough and then get better yeah right!!! First day was a beauty with 27 barra, 4 good jack, cod, tarpon, GT’s, Queenfish, bream etc.

The casting was good maybe the odd lure being blown into the snags or it could have been the fish jumping high.....not sure !!!! No we had a fun time and they did get results with some good casting.

Next day over to east coast for 10 barra, GT, Queenfish, cod, etc  to follow up with a rainy day and a dropping Barometer to finish with a couple of barra, a very nice trout,some oversize B/cuda, sweetlip, nannigai, GT’s and Queenfish that Russell had an orgasm with while poppering  great stuff. Thank you gentlemen for our time together, it was great fun (except for the blue water, sorry Don ) see you all next year.

Last client in for 2009 is John White. John loves his barra fishing (the hunt) a good caster and managed to get the rewards with 62 barra for the trip. He also caught some very nice fingermark, big cod, heaps of GT’s some quite large for the estuary, Giant Herring etc.

He had an exciting time with big Queenfish until you know who showed up, but it was as always the barra that gets him excited. We had some great action with good visual strikes, jumps and plenty of ooow, arrrrrrs. Quality fish of 60’s, 70’s and up to 85cm was the go, great fun well done John’o I know you enjoyed yourself, I did.

See you next year.

2009 was yet another good year with some species being a little down on numbers or just late in the season but there was always something else there to get you excited.

Thank you one and all for your patronage with heaps of exciting memories and pics to reflect on.

Take care until we see you again.

Next report Mid June 2010

Latest Report July – September 09

Early July saw the return of our southern spud farmer Alan Smith & brother in law Jeff.

Day one down the west for some fun with a mixture of Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Grunter, Cod, Queenies, GT’s, and Bream.  We then had a couple of slowish days with a falling barometer but still managed to have some fun on Nanngai, Cod, GT’s , Queenfish and Bream.  We were then joined with the return of Alan Mc Neil, his son Ryan and a mate Jason.  We all headed out to the East coast for a day on Barramundi to 75cm, Fingermark, Salmon, Cod, GT’s, and Nannigai’s.  Next it’s off to the west again and here we go, Tuna everywhere with both boats getting good catches along with some very nice Queenfish, Bludger Trevally, and a large school of Wolf Herring, and little Trevally and Queenfish.  The next day saw good catches of fun Barramundi, heaps of smallish GT’s & Queenfish, with a few at 14 – 16lb thrown in as well. Some Tuna but sharks became a problem - but a very good day.  Then came TUNA MADNESS with 30 odd Tuna in the boats and as many dropped, with Queenfish and GT’s chasing everything that moved together with some Salmon and Mackerel.  Then a special moment for Ryan, when while we were getting some nice Barramundi he managed to land a 95cm beauty, a fantastic moment, his heart was in his mouth until the net had her.  Alan and Jeff had a very enjoyable day up the fresh water in the jet boat for Barramundi, Saratoga, Tarpon and Coal Grunter this is where wilderness comes to mind very peaceful indeed.  The last day was a beauty with 30 plus Salmon 3–8lb, good Queenfish, heaps of fun GT’s, a couple of Tuna, 6 Barramundi (2 @ 70cm).  Thanks gentlemen - was great to have you all back, look forward to next year. 

Brad Talbot along with Johno, Kathy and Katrina had a day with us with Barramundi to 85cm, 65cm Saratoga, some good Salmon, GT, Queenies. We all had a great time.

Late July saw the return of the Jindabine boys for a week of R & R, Ardy Mechielsen, Albie Branch and Gary Huggett while we had some quiet times, we did as always have a lot of fun.  The boys cast well and accounted for 45 Barramundi to 70cm, heaps of Queenfish and Trevally, some very nice Salmon, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark, Nannigai and all the usual species.  We had a moment where we looked and thought ……..umm!  As our popper launched itself skywards attached to a 50lb Spaniard only to have him bite through the leader eventually, a awesome sight.  We had some great sessions (in new secret spots) in the estuary.  I am still waiting for my piece of Coral Trout from one of those spots.  Thanks fella’s always enjoy your company (was good to catch up in the snow in August also to meet the ladies) look forward to our next adventure.

David and Jayden Tarca spent some time with us over a tough period, first timers to this type of fishing.  Day one saw catches of Nanngai, Bream, Cod, GT’s, Queenfish and Golden Trevally.  Over the next couple of days saw some nice Queenfish 1 @ 16lb unfortunately taken in the end by those bloody sharks, Mackerel, Barracuda, different types of Trevally, Wolf Herring, Salmon, Tarpon and Barramundi - with one big girl not quite playing the game, but at least we saw her.  We enjoyed your company and hope you also enjoyed this new experience and hope the rest of your trip went very well.

The end of July saw Brisbane Hinterland 4wd Tours have another day with us, with Shane, Kelly, Des and Sally having a great day on the water.  It’s great to see people who just want to enjoy themselves - this crew was all about having fun. They caught heaps of Bream, Queenfishies, Fingermark, Salmon, Grunter and Cod.  A pleasure to have you on board; hope you all enjoyed the remainder of your tour.

August started off with the Police all over us.  Well maybe we just took them fishing.  We had a great day with Fitzy and Kylie both catching Barramundi, Cod, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark, GT’s, and Queenfish.  It’s good to laugh and enjoy we did both thanks you two.

Then we move from local Police to a group of 7 holidaying Detectives for yet another funny day.  We all had a great time with both boats producing some 13 different species, starting with a cracker of a Fingermark then to finish with that Barramundi coming in on the last cast of the day, I reckon we should be sweet for awhile now!  Thanks fella’s for a great time.

Next saw newcomers Rob and Fran Sing with friends Brian and Sharon travel from chilly Victoria to spend some nice warm days with us.  A totally new experience in fishing styles and species and after a few casts started to get the hang of things.  Over the next few days we introduced them to the following: Barramundi (the first one scared the hell out of Fran but all good) Bream, Cod, GT’s, Grunter, Fingermark, Mangrove Jack, Tarpon, Salmon, Tuna and SHARKS. We had some great sessions on Blue Salmon, amazing sights with Tuna and the grey coated critters.  Everyone had a great time with lots of laughs. Thanks very much hope to see again in the not too distant future.

At the same time we had the return of Darryl and Jill Mckie, always good to see them.  Over the next few days we had great fun with good catches of Barramundi, all your estuary species lots of fun with Queenfish and Trevally.  We had a very memorable tug of war with a Groper - which we won, Tuna to 30lb which Jill did all too easy, and we caught and dropped some very nice Barramundi.  Jill stated that she was not sure how she would go but SURPRISE (as with most wives) she went very well indeed and enjoyed every moment of it and as they do out fished everybody. Thanks to both of you, love your company.

Late August and we have Martin fellows together with Mick, Glen, and Alister in one boat doing battle against Tran, Jason, Tai and Sue in the other.  It was on from the start – the West coast first, catches of tournament Bream (everywhere apparently) Cod, Mangrove Jack, Grunter, Tarpon, the usual fun on Queenfish and GT’s, Salmon and Gropers – a good start.  Then over to the east coast both boats getting some nice Barramundi, Fingermark, and Salmon, with the casting being on the money.  We then returned to west coast to have a great session on salmon with 40+ coming in 3-8lb, some very nice Barramundi,  Queenfish got bigger along with some very fit Tuna that just go and go with speed that have to be seen to be believed, there was indeed  some great catches against some very difficult opposition – the Sharks.  We caught several different species of Trevally had some beast’s hooked up off the bottom while jigging.   Again great fun with Tarpon on light gear, then to have another full on session on the Salmon was fantastic.

Next day one boat went back to blue water to continue the Tuna action and again have further fun with the Salmon and succeeded, while the other boat went over to the Jacky Jacky and had a great day with quality Barramundi, Fingermark and Nanngai.  A good trip with a bunch of people that fish well and enjoy what they do.  We look forward to our next adventure.

September arrived as did the Hillman’s (Ian &Robyn) and the Ashman’s (Paul & Rosie) who returned for a week of fun.  Marlin fishermen from Port Hacking Game Fishing Club, who love to come up and do something totally different (catch fish!…..only joking).  We had the best time with many a laugh and serious stuff as well including quality catches of Barramundi, Fingermark, Cod, Salmon and Nanngai.  There were moments when the Mackerel were on, Trevally & Queeenfish were going silly and the excitement we had during the hunting periods in the estuary with good casting, produced very good results at times.

Each year we have boys v girls day (I don’t know why, as the boys can never win apparently).  This year was no different.  The boys caught 14 million fish all quality (we actually did get some nice Barramundi to 85cm and several others over 60cm) while the girls may have caught a few fish………..HOWEVER - to win this day we needed to catch a Mud Crab - which we didn’t know about until we got home ummmmmmm!!!!  The last day saw us again get some good Barramundi, Fingermark, Salmon and Jewfish while finishing up with a couple of excellent Queenfish and Mackerel.  Thanks so much for a great trip.

Late September saw some of the Freebody family arrive with Ross and Brad Bell and Rolly Adamson all newcomers to this type of fishing and the return of my old mate Mitch O’Mara with brothers Dave and Dan.  I can say this because they are my family but people are not sure what to expect when they come up here and are use to a very different type of fishing.  We spend a lot of time casting to snags and under overhanging mangroves and while you see it on TV it’s not as easy as it looks and can take some time to master BUT if you keep at it you will see the rewards.  This is what happened - with casting  improving each day so did the results, everyone lost their Barramundi virginity, we also had good catches of Fingermark, Cod, Coral Trout, Parrot Fish, Mackerel, Salmon, Mangrove Jack, Mud Crab, Queenfish and Trevally.  The boys loved the chance to have some fun with bait with plenty of Nanngai and Bream.  Ross, Brad and Rolly had a very good session on Barramundi in some crystal clear water, while the brothers O’Mara went exploring and also caught quality Barramundi to  75cm and both Mangrove Jack and Fingermark over 50cm.  We struggled to get Tuna in as the sharks were just unbelievable at times, but an experience all the same.  We managed to get some 30 species over the week and the brothers finally got to meet the Groper. 

We also had a couple of moments over this trip that stand out and will not be forgotten for a very long time:- Firstly in the Jacky Jacky Mitch is bringing in a fish while at the same time Dave is bringing in a ‘snag’.  Both arrive at boat at the same time, while I grab the leader to bring the fish in, the ‘snag’ jumps out of the water and grabs the fish, after we cleaned up the mess and changed our pants the 4 metre Crocodile just swam away casually with the fish.  Secondly, while coming home one afternoon we noticed several Mackerel jumping so we decide to troll around, after making the statement you wouldn’t want one of these fellow’s  to come in,  woooooosh 2m beside the boat out comes a 35–40lb Spaniard shooting 5m into the air and is coming IN the boat.  A couple of seconds to react was just not enough.  Both Ross and Tim were missed by millimeters - very scary indeed.  The fish broke two rods on the way in then went stupid in the bottom of the boat as they do – especially that GREEN.  We were lucky that no-one was injured, it tasted very nice though (unfortunately it ripped its throat on the hand rail on the way in).  Thanks very much fella’s had a fantastic time with lots of memories and laughs - look forward to next time.

We will keep you informed how the season finishes with the next report around mid January 2010.

Thanks one and all – tight lines.

Tim and Lesley

Latest Report March - June 2009

Our 2009 season got under way late March with Danny Hawks and mates Mussa, Reinty, Ben, Mark and TJ arriving for their first trip to Cape York. We started on the east coast first with good catches of Barramundi, Fingermark and both boats having very good sessions on Bluenose Salmon as well as Mangrove Jack, Nannigai, Cod, Tarpon, GT’s and Queenfish - a very good couple of days fishing. We then headed off to the West coast with some great sessions on big Queenfish to 11kg, GT’s, and another session on salmon. The blue water action was fantastic with plenty of visual strikes, sometimes only one metre from the boat. We really enjoyed your company guys, thanks from both of us.

Mid April saw the return of Nick Robson with his daughter Sarah, Terry Dickens and his son Chris and Richard Cobcroft with son Matt. We started the trip of on the east coast with some good Barramundi, Grunter, Fingermark Cod, Jewfish, GT’s and Salmon. Then as always we got into the blue water with some very good quality Longtail Tuna to 30+lb, Queenfish to 10kg in numbers with the kids having all sorts of problems/fun with these. On the last day – not quite the last cast – but close, Sarah landing a nice 20lb GT in amongst the quality Queenfish. As the casting got a little more accurate so did the response from the estuary with some excellent entertainment coming in. Well done one and all however, the story of the trip goes to Richard when he hooked up to a great GT approx. 60lb while casting with a popper, bringing it close to the boat three times so we all got a good look, but not quite ready for netting. On the e third time while under the boat one of the Gropers of approx. 100kg came up to see what was going on only to attach itself to the loose treble left on the popper - not a good thing from Richard’s point of view it was hard enough to control the GT. Unfortunately shortly afterwards, the GT pulled off the popper leaving the Groper still on which after another 20 minutes or so we managed to land on the beach, take a quick photo and swim him back into deep water. A memory I’m sure Richard (and everyone else in the group) will not forget. Thank you all for a great trip, very much enjoyed your company.

Late April saw Fly fishermen, Michael Guppy and friend John spend three days with us. While they were here a little off the moon we did have an enjoyable time on Barramundi, Giant Herring, Tarpon, GT, Queenfish and Salmon. One session, while the girls were with us fly casting from the beach over the sand flats was indeed great fun with Trevally, Queenfish and some nice Salmon which gave everybody a smile on their face. Thanks folks it was a pleasure to fish with you.

April / May saw the return of the Young group with Gary, brother Ian and wife Nikki, Bob and Linda Wells, Wout & Brendan (Nikki and Brendan both being first timers). This group has had some fantastic trips with us BUT this was different (we still caught some great fish but the weather!!!!) The wet came again and dropped nearly a metre of rain on us over the week, sometimes in unbelievable quantities. We did still catch some very nice fish (when the rain let up enough to see the snags) The east coast produced good catches of Salmon, Fingermark, Cod, Grunter, GT’s, 30lb Mackerel, some nice Barramundi - with the trend being to drop one big Barramundi each day - apparently!!! Really enjoyed the days we spent exploring new country with great success with nice Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark and Cod. The west coast again produced some fun but with not as many fish due to awful weather, I found a sandbank, I knew it was there but couldn’t see it (felt it though oops!!) Everybody got their big Queenfish, with Nikki’s being memorable as the fish was bigger than her and with sharks around everywhere it was a great effort to get it in (was there ever a doubt). No Tuna which was unusual or maybe we just couldn’t see them! So 28 species and over 200 fish later, We still managed to enjoy ourselves and look forward to your company next time, felt sad this year with the weather but……! Thanks again take care and we’ll see you next year.

Mid May saw the McKinnon group of Julie and David (return) with family Grahame and Julie, newcomers and also the return of Mark Todman. Apparently the Circus came to town – and what a circus. We all had a great time with lots of laughs and giggles. The Barramundi, Fingermark, Cod, Nannigai, Mangrove Jack, Trevally, Queenfish and Grunter gave us all fun times. We again did a bit of exploring with Mark to have Barramundi to 85cm and some very nice Mangrove Jacks. The west coast produced the usual big Queenfish to 11kg, Bludger Trevally, GT’s, with memorable sessions on Barramundi with 13 and 18 each day (with Julie Mc landing the biggest AGAIN - 70cm and the boys dropping one at 80cm). The usual Groper incident occurred, which everyone laughing at Tim’s Expense as he got absolutely drenched - quite funny! This was a very enjoyable trip with fun people, thanks so much.

Late May was the return of Mitch O’Mara with friends Brendan, Mick (Vossy) and first timer Rod. We had a slightly tough first day – but finished up OK with Lesley finding another ‘secret’ Barramundi hole we still ended up with 42 fish between the two boats. Things only got better with Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark, Nannigai Cod, Bream, Trevally and Queenfish. Some more exploring with success in the upper reaches, it’s good to have people who don’t mind the unknown while it may be a little risky (as far as fish catches are concerned) it turned out very entertaining indeed. The wind greeted us on our first day on the west coast but we still managed to catch 7 Barramundi to 71cm, Tarpon, GT’s and Queenfish to 11kg. Things only got better the next day landing 30+ Barramundi to 70cm, Mangrove Jack, Cod, Bream, big Queenfish, a nice Saratoga, Tarpon, plenty of fun with small Trevally and Queenfish and unfortunately lost a GT of 60lb plus. The ‘Barramundi brothers’ Brendan & Vossy stole the show on the last day – at another of Lesley’s ‘secret’ spots – 10 off the one snag and a Mangrove Jack. Mick’s effort to continue to cast lures when the bait was going off at a particular snag did indeed pay off as he played and landed a beautiful Barramundi his best to date and Mitch while exploring picked up his best Saratoga, good memories. As usual we really enjoyed your company, with plenty of laughs - thanks from both of us.

Early June saw the return of the Phil Newton with Jim, Max, Rob and newcomer Rob – aka ‘stretch’ all competing for the ‘Guba Shield’. We took to more exploring on the east coast with good results of Barramundi 70cm+, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark, Tarpon, Salmon, Jewfish, Cod, and Nannigai. With some big fish out wide in the blue water, both Phil and Jim were hanging on for dear life at one stage, then Jim hooked a GT – which initially we thought he had under control, only to have it go under the boat over the reef and end up in NZ, the next sound we heard was twang…...spooled, bugger. We continued with smaller GT’s, Mackerel, Queenfish and a big school of large Gold Spot Trevally, magic! The west coast provided the usual action, however, no real boiling going on as you would expect so we had to work for our fish, which we did and we got them. With good catches of big Queenfish some very nice Tuna, plenty of fun on GT’s, Bludger Trevally and a very good session on quality Salmon, as well as some fun with soft plastics on nice Tarpon, Queenfish and Trevally. The last day produced 41Barramundi between the boats with many more rolled or dropped. All and all a very good week, always a pleasure, we are already looking forward to next year.

We also fished a few one day groups – yes the tourist season is well and truly upon us. One group was Josh Coates and family who planned the trip well before arriving, and so was here at ‘the right time’. We had a great morning on good Tuna, some fun with the swarming Trevally and Queenfish, then a great afternoon with Barramundi (Nathan’s first ever at 68cm), Fingermark, Cod and finished with a session on large Queenfish. The faces told the story upon their return to the ramp. We have a great picture of 7 year old Julia on the gallery that says it all.

Late June saw the return of Paul & Les Howell and at the same time newcomers Craig Felsenthal, Martin Pearse and the Strugnell brothers Peter & Dick. Day one set the scene - east coast battles with Tuna, Queenfish, good size GT’s, angry Barracuda, a quadruple hook up on large Trevally, Coral Trout, Stripey and Parrot, and then an afternoon of subtly of Barramundi, Fingermark, Nannigai and Cod. What a great way to start the trip. Day two saw the Howells go west for good Queenfish to 18lb, Bluenose Salmon to 7lb, Mackerel, assorted Trevally and a re-introduction to George the Groper, fun times. The other boat headed back to the east for a good day with Barramundi, Fingermark, Mangrove Jack, Salmon, Jewfish, Cod, Queenfish and Mackerel. The next few days saw us doing battle with large Queenfish, Tuna, those bloody sharks, good sessions on Barramundi, great sessions on quality Salmon, silly sessions on thousands of small Trevally & Queenfish on plastics, more Barracuda, Golden Trevally, Mackerel, Cobia, a session on good quality Gold Spot Trevally and one large Coral Trout on the last day for our dinner thanks boys it was magic. We had some scary jigging sessions where we were under gunned and ‘THEY’ were just TOO BIG. Some funny sessions with the groper, again funny for some apparently! A very good week, on one boat was Paul up the front (never stopping casting) with rod bent regularly then father Les doing battle with his little baitcaster trying to get one of these large fish in, great stuff. Then on the other boat - watching and listening to the crew grunting and groaning when they were jigging trying to get those beasts off the bottom with 30lb braid and 10kg outfits - there was thoughts of using the anchor rope!

Thanks one and all a very enjoyable first 3 months of the season, next report will be at the end of September 2009.

Keep smiling and Tight Lines

Tim and Lesley